Absence, College and Serious Illness

I know I have been gone a long time, but there is a reason for my long absence is that I went back to school. Yep! At 54 (now 55), I went back to college. I am majoring in Christian Studies. It’s been challenging but fun. I did manage to make the Dean’s List and am on summer vacation right now. School starts in a month.

But there is a prayer request I am asking of all of you who read this. In June 2019, my husband and I finally found a doctor (neurologist-who just happens to be a Christian, praise God!!!) who sat down with us and listened to the list of symptoms my husband has been having for a while. Doctors have been shuffling him around from one specialist to the next, treating the symptoms but never finding the cause of them. We suspected it may be MS. So, we told this doctor so and she said to him, “Tell me everything.” And he did. When he was finished, she asked him questions. He answered yes to all of them. She said she was sorry, but it was ALS.

She had him tested, and by that, I mean many tests, to rule out other diseases, and they all did rule them out. He was scheduled to see her 6 weeks later. In that six weeks’ time, he had gotten weaker, fell a lot, dropped things frequently, got choked because he couldn’t swallow, and he’d lost his voice. His diaphragm is paralyzed on the left side and part of his left lung is collapsed. In that little bit of time he had progressed that much. Now he cannot drive anymore and must use a Rollator when he walks. He is scheduled to go to Mayo Clinic soon.

For those who do not know, ALS is short for , or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It is a nightmare of diseases. In other countries it is known as Motor Neuron Disease. The motor neurons die, and the brain cannot send signals to the muscles to move and work as they should. The muscles atrophy and the patient will lose the ability to move his legs, arms, and neck, along with ability to speak and breathe. The patient will need a feeding tube and some sort of breathing equipment to help them breathe. Most will have to be on a ventilator. I am explaining this very poorly, but the ALS Association tells you all about on their website:


We are not giving up though. There are new experimental treatments his doctor is hoping they will try, and prayer can lead to healing even in diseases that are fatal like ALS. Prayer is what we are asking for.

So many have already tried to sell us miracle drugs and supplements, if these really did cure ALS then there would be no ALS and we do not intend to let anyone make money off his illness. Please do not try to do that. Do not even try to tell us that yours is different and it really does work. No, it doesn’t. Or else there would be no ALS.

All we ask for is prayer and that is worth more to us than anything else in this world. Our God is great and mighty, and He is the Great Physician and we have put our trust in Him and are so thankful that our doctor is a Christian as well. He has put us in good hands, and we are also in His hands. There is no safer place.

The doctors will take care of him and I pray we will have more Christian doctors on his team at Mayo and the ALS Clinic he will go to between visits there. Please pray for this as well. We know that however this turns out, it is God’s will and we do accept that, we do pray that healing him is His will.

I do plan on blogging again. I may not write every day or every week, but I will try to write as often as I can.

Keep us in your prayers as you are in ours.

God’s peace to you all!

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