Fundraiser To Help With My Husband’s ALS Medical Expenses

Everyone hates to ask for money, but desperate times call for desperate measures. We do have insurance but it does not cover everything fully and somethings it does not cover at all. Such as wheelchair ramps or lifts for the car to attach the wheelchair to. Or gas to travel hundreds of miles to the ALS clinics because there are none that are close to where we live. Both my husband and I are disabled and we live on a fixed income. Trust me, it is not pleasant having to share this information. ALS is a horrible disease. It’s a monster. It’s uncaring and it takes everything, even your pride at times, such as having to ask for money. But when it is the one person you love with all your heart, the one who is your soulmate, the love of your life, you will do anything to save them. I am his only caregiver. There are those who can help us in other ways but are unable to help physically with him. They are unable to. They have disabilities as well. And one lives hundreds of miles away but helps as best as she can in other ways, and all of them are so appreciated with what they do. We know they love us and we love them more than they will ever know. But that leaves me. I am going to take care of him and I do not mind at all. I would do anything for him. And we have Christ. He is our help in time of need. He always comes through and I know He will with this too. Someway, somehow, the money will be there when we need it to be.  But we must do our part and ask. If I could work I’d have two jobs already, trying to save up. But I can’t and no one would hire me if I tried because of my disabilities. I have tried years before and failed.

So here I am with a GoFundMe to raise the money from the kindness of strangers and the kindness of those who we know. You will never know how much we will appreciate your help, but it is more than a lot. It means more than  you can ever imagine. And if you can’t help financially, I totally understand, so if you could just say a prayer for him, for us, that would mean just as much too. Thank you! And God bless you for your help.

ALS Medical Fundraiser for My Husband

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