Reposting Some Older Blog Articles

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By Karen Bledsoe

When I started this blog, we were on a different server with a different URL. This one was set up and I started posting new articles and never reposted the ones that were lost from the former site and server. I will be reposting those and will add it to the title that it is one of the older posts so that those who have read them do not have to read them again if they don’t want to. 🙂 Just a head’s up. Still working on the post about Mary, the mother of Jesus. It will be the last of the Genealogy of Christ series. The next series will be all about the Holy Spirit. Just as the title and the intent of this blog implies. I may post another topic from time to time because sometimes I run across things that I like to write about and share. Prayers, please? Thanks!


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