Studying Ruth

As you know, I study everything before I write about it. I don’t want to teach falsely, whether in ignorance or laziness. I began studying the genealogy of Christ and as a woman, the fact that there are women mentioned in Matthew listed as his ancestors was interesting to me because listing women in genealogies in Hebrew history was rare and here we have some listed in the Bible that were in the line of Christ! I started my study of Ruth and it is packed with some things we need to know as Christians in order to understand the Bible, such as what a kinsman-redeemer is and how it pertains later on to Christ. I have study notes coming out my ears…literally pages and pages of notes. And I am still studying. I have notes covering
all four chapters, but when I began an in-depth study on Chapter One I realized that my article would be very long when Iwrote it. I then decided that I would write them in parts. I am almost finished with Chapter One and am gathering all my notes to sort out what I am going to write about in that chapter, write it and then publish it here. Then I will start on Chapter Two.

This is not a daily blog. I post when I can, when I am confident that what I am writing is correct and in line with the Scriptures. I may write about something else between chapters so that the blog is not inactive for too very long.

I appreciate your prayers and support and your patience.

Grace and Peace!

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