Studying the Holy Spirit

Copyright ©2017 by Karen Bledsoe

When I began doing this blog it was for the study of the Holy Spirit. I have posted a few articles about Him, but mostly articles on other topics. The reason is in the title…my journey to discover the forgotten God, Who is the Holy Spirit. I found that I needed to study and learn about Him before I could teach about Him. I am studying hard, and when my postings resume here in the next week or so, they will cover Who the Holy Spirit is, what He does, did He operate and dwell in those who were faithful to God in the Old Testament like He does in the New, like He still does now? What does being baptized in the Holy Spirit mean? Who is correct in their theology, the cessastionists who believe He no longer works like He did when the apostles were alive, or is it the Continuationists who are correct when they say that He does operate, indwell and empower Christians still today. There are so many topics about the Holy Spirit that I am almost overwhelmed. I was raised to believe in cessationism. Have my views on this changed? We’ll see in the upcoming weeks as you will learn what I am learning and I hope that it will help you and bless you in you own walk with the Lord. God bless!

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