What’s Next?

By Karen Bledsoe

We have just finished The Shack series, and are almost through the Genealogy of Christ series, there is only one more installment, and that is about Mary, the mother of Jesus, which I am working on. What’s coming next? The next series takes us back to what this blog is about, The Holy Spirit. We are going to study all the aspects of the Holy Spirit, Who He is, What He does, the gifts He gives us, how He works in us, what He’s done in the Old Testament as well as in the new. It will be a deep study, and we will also study each of the gifts the Holy Spirit gives us.

Later in the year we will discuss women’s roles in ministry, what Paul really meant in 1 Timothy 2:12, why hasn’t the translation been corrected in our Bibles and commentaries, we will discover whether women can pastor churches, and may be able to have leadership roles in their church. Also, we will be discussing Calvinism. Is it wrong, or right? Is it false teaching or correct doctrine. I am looking forward to sharing these topics with you.

Please feel free to comment and discuss anything here on A Woman’s Journey. I know that I can learn much from you as I am hoping you are learning from me. If you feel at any time I am in error, please let me know so we can discuss it and I can see what it is you feel I have wrong. I love to learn, and I do not get angry if you tell me you feel I am wrong about something. Always be teachable. God bless you and thank you for visiting my blog.



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